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Revealed: Rolls-Royce Presents Ghost ‘Eternal Love’ in China

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At the Minsheng Art Museum in Beijing, China, Rolls-Royce debuted the new Ghost ‘Eternal Love’ collection, which is available exclusively in the China market. The new collection was inspired by the beauty and grace of the white swan. The swan is a well-known and cherished symbol of love in both eastern and western culture. In Chinese culture specifically, the swan is the resident ‘love bird’, due to “their genuine commitment to everlasting love,” as described in a press release from Rolls-Royce.

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The Eternal Love collection embodies the pristine lines and soft embrace that might come to mind when one thinks of the swan. As stated in the press release,

An image of two swans forming a perfect heart is depicted on the Eternal Love’s signature coachline and leather seatbacks. It is worth mentioning that the delicate swans in the interior are elaborately adorned with a hand-embroidered embellishment. The impeccable luxury and first-class engineering of the car interior elevate the artistry to a new height.

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With the swan in mind, Rolls-Royce decided on a two-tone exterior– English White complimented by Silver Satin. The interior features leather in a creamy Seashell color while the stitching and embroidery are Hotspur Red. The engine boasts the “beloved” 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12.

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