Rolls-Royce Phantom Limelight Unveiled on Instagram

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The power of social media is growing with each day, and more and more brands are taking notice of its sway. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is no exception, and in the fashion of innovation that has defined this storied brand since its 1906 founding, they’ve introduced their newest Phantom variant on Instagram.

After a series of teasers posted to their account since April 15, @RollsRoyceCars, they today posted two sets of three consecutive photos, tiling the full image of the Phantom Limelight across their profile.


A press release was issued by the marque as well, with a full gallery of photos showing off the interior and exterior of this stunning Rolls-Royce. The Spirit of Ecstasy sits above the classic wide grille, leading the way for this latest addition to their Bespoke Phantom Collection.

The Phantom Limelight was created precisely for those who live in the limelight, as a mobile retreat from the world in which they can relax before stepping onto the stage. It is designed to accommodate those who “move swiftly from engagement to engagement as part of their daily life,” as Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, said in the release.

rolls-royce-phantomlimelight-042315 (8)

A new rear seat is featured in this latest release, which has been designed through a collaborative study with medical professionals to determine the design best suited to relaxation while in motion. The seat back ensures your body is reclined at a 27 degree angle, while a calf rest raises your legs to a 68 degree angle. A foot rest emerges at a 30 degree angle, and when all of these are combined it supports the perfect relaxed posture.

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Both trim options pull the Gala Blue paint of the exterior into the interior through the specially created Limelight Bespoke Clock. Either the Light contrast scheme or Dark contrast scheme can be chosen for the interior; each uses Navy Blue and Seashell leather, though the Light scheme uses navy as the contrast stitching and leather, while the Dark scheme uses Seashell as the contrast.

rolls-royce-phantomlimelight-042315 (6)

Only 25 examples of this fine Phantom will be created for those who live in the Limelight, and they are immediately available for order through your local Rolls-Royce dealer. Take a look through the gallery to see this stunning car in detail, and then find the perfect Rolls-Royce for your commute from our exclusive listings below.


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(Source: Rolls-Royce, Instagram)

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