Rolls-Royce Mysore Ghost Collection: Exclusive Elegance

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Rolls-Royce, known for its unique coachwork and attention to detail, has done it again. In a Feb. 16 post on the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Facebook page, we see an exclusive version of the Ghost with an extended wheelbase cloaked in a metallic blue and silver livery, one of three in the Bespoke Ghost Mysore Collection.

The “Mysore” within its name comes from both a word and a place. Translated from Arabic roughly to mean “wealth and power,” the Kingdom of Mysore was defended by Tipu Sultan in the 1700s against the British empire.

2015-Rolls-Royce-Mysore-Ghost-02232015 (6)

Inspired by the late eighteenth-century ruler’s quote, “In this world I would rather live two days like a tiger, than two hundred years like a sheep,” the Ghost’s interior is trimmed in the epitome of elegance. Special leather, headrests embroidered with the image of a tiger and a stylized peacock on the front quarter panels reflected in the inlay of the wooden dash exude peaceful confidence and poise.

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The pictured Mysore Ghost is a rolling symbol of exclusivity in comparison to the more available Ghost. The Ghost Mysore will be available exclusively at Abu Dhabi.

In the meantime, while we await more images of this rare metal, find your Rolls-Royce by hitting the button below.

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(Source: Facebook)

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