The year 2022 was an exciting one for duPont REGISTRY. We joined the Motorsport Network, launched a new website, redesigned our magazine and, to tie it all together, introduced duPont REGISTRY Reviews.

What is duPont REGISTRY Reviews? dR was established in 1985 as the world's premier luxury automotive marketplace with the goal of connecting buyers and sellers of the most exclusive vehicles. However, 2022 marks a new road for dR. We knew it was time for us to get behind the wheel of these cars to put them to the test and experience the best the luxury automotive industry has to offer. Our goal is to inform our readers of our thoughts to better help them with their purchasing decisions

2022 was a particularly busy year for the luxury and supercar space. From the arrival of 1,900 horsepower EVs like the Pininfarina Battista to the howling V8 in the Chevrolet Corvette Z06, and the plush Bentley Bentayga EWB, there is something worth discussing at every price point. As part of my role as Automotive Content Manager for duPont REGISTRY Magazine, I went out and tested all of these vehicles. Whether at my home base in Los Angeles, California, or around the country at various events. 

Below you'll find a compilation of these tests, but before you dive in, let me give you my winners for the year across five major categories. These picks represent vehicles that debuted in 2022 or have received significant revisions. 

Sun Valley Idaho: Rolls-Royce Black Badge Cullinan/Ghost

My drive through Sun Valley, Idaho, with Rolls-Royce earlier this year is the shortest but easily the most scenic of the three. A significant portion of our route had us driving through snow-covered roads in both the Cullinan and Ghost to test out their standard all-wheel drive systems. But really, this is a story of doing precisely what you should do behind the wheel of a Rolls-Royce, taking a calm drive in an excellent car to look at some lovely scenery. 

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