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TECHART’s New Porsche Macan Program

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In a press release issued today, German tuner TECHART introduced their aftermarket program for the new Porsche Macan. In this progrma, TECHART gives their customers the ability to customize their Macan’s exterior and interior with a wide array of options.

Customers will have the option to choose between four different wheel designs from TECHART. These include the 21″ TECHART Formula light-alloy wheel, 22″ TECHART Formula II light-alloy wheel, the 22″ TECHART Formula III forged wheel and 22″ TECHART Formula IV light-alloy wheel.

The TECHART Air Suspension Module Sport is an option that allows for intelligent height adjustment in driving and parking mode for models equipped with standard air suspension. For those without this feature, there is the TECHART Sport Spring Kit, which also grant the height lowering ability.

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Enhancing the Porsche Macan’s appearance, while adding functionality, is the new TECHART Aerodynamic Program for the SUV. This program includes the front spoiler, roof spoiler, rear diffuser, wheel arch extensions or side skirts. Each of these pieces is comprised of a lightweight fiber composite of polyurethane RIM.

For those interested in adding to the Macan’s power, there are the TECHART Power Kits and Sport Exhaust Systems. Increasing the SUV’s power is the TECHART engine management system, TECHTRONIC. This system is activated by a pressing the “Sport” button on the center console. Once activated, there is an immediate and significant increase in performance and driving dynamics.


The Exhaust Systems are made from stainless steel and ensure that the driver can not only feel the car’s power, but hear it as well. Add the TECHART Sport Tailpipes and the exhaust note is increased even more.

Lastly, the TECHART Interior Refinement program gives customers the ability to customize their Macan to their liking. The seats, dashboard, center console and door panels can all be customized through the Techart Interior Styling Packages and Leather Equipments.

Be sure to view the gallery below to see what TECHART has to offer the new Porsche Macan.

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(Source: TECHART Automobildesign)


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