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TECHART’s New Porsche 911 Turbo Program

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TECHART has done it again with their program for the new Porsche 911 Turbo models. This program features modifications to the exterior, interior, chassis and more, all of which improve the overall look and feel of the 911 Turbo.

The exterior is highlighted by more than a few modifications. TECHART has created a new front and rear spoiler that can adapt to the car’s speed. With the push of a button, or automatically at a certain speed, these spoilers extend to increase downforce. TECHART Aero Wings, Side Skirts, Roof Spoiler and more are all added to the car to increase airflow and deliver a more rewarding drive.

Three wheels are available through TECHART for the 911 Turbo, including the 5-spoke Formula, Formula III forged and Formula IV wheels.

TECHART has also included a noselift system for the front axle that gives the car an additional 60 mm of lift for those who drive over speed humps, ramps or curbs. This system can be used to raise or lower the car at any time, or it will automatically lower once the car reaches 37 mph.

The interior program is, as with all TECHART programs, diverse and luxurious. If you have a vision for the interior of your 911 Turbo, this program can make it happen. A vast array of colors and materials can be chosen from, and are all put together with precise craftsmanship. TECHART’s specially crafted steering wheels and paddle shifters can be added to modify the car’s interior, as well as a number of other accessories.

For more information, visit TECHART’s website by clicking here.


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