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TECHART’s New Formula IV Race-Forged Centerlock Wheels

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TECHART unveiled a new wheel design for the current Porsche 911 Turbo, Turbo S and GT3 models (type 991) in a press release issued today. The new Formula IV Race-Forged Centerlock Wheels are created for performance without sacrificing aesthetics.

Designed after the successful Formula IV light-alloy wheel, these new wheels feature five twin-spokes, which, as the release stated, result in “homogeneous overall geometry of the wheel, resulting in visual dynamics with a high effective capability of the aluminium alloy used.”

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These wheels have a one-piece construction, which  is achieved through a process called “Flow-Forming-Technology.” Thanks to this process, the result is a lightweight and rigid wheel that has an ideal balance of material stiffness and low tare weight.

Not only do these wheels have a solid structure- they also add functionality. TECHART stated in the press release that the wheels save 1 kg of weight when compared to the standard Porsche 911 Turbo S centerlock wheel (type 991). Also, thanks to the five twin-spoke design, these wheels enhance the brake’s aeration and ventilation.

For those who have a track-ready 911, the centerlock allows for a quick wheel change on the fly.

Be sure to visit TECHART’s website for more information.



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