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Porsche's Top 5 Transaxle Cars

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You can’t deny the genius of the Porsche 911. With an engine behind the rear wheels, the transmission is placed perfectly between the rear axles. Since the 911 isn’t for everyone, Volkswagen & Audi engineers helped Porsche develop a revolutionary gearbox. In their latest YouTube upload, let’s explore Porsche’s Top 5 transaxle cars.

First up was the 914. While not technically a transaxle, it inspired stylists to free themselves of traditional Porsche powertrain layouts. The 924 was Porsche’s first water-cooled 2-liter engine, built & sold with Audi’s help.

Next was the 928, it offered an aluminum body with V8 power. Almost two decades of the 944 have made it an icon, and it evolved into the 968- the ultimate front engine-rear transmission Porsche.


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