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Next-Gen Porsche 911’s Brutal Testing

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Outlined in out 8th Amendment is the prevention of “Cruel & Unusual” punishment.  Germany’s modern constitution follows the same lines, but their punishment says nothing about the Porsche 911, their most famous car. 

Engineers at Stuttgart have devious methods to prove the reliable design of the Porsche 911. In a press release over the weekend, they outlined several situations around the world. Starting at the top (of the world) a fleet of cars is continuosly cold-started at 31* below 0 (Farenheit). Not only does this prove the oil pump can force feed the bearings well below freezing. 

Next up is a run from Death Valley to Mt Whitney, the highest and lowest spots in the Lower 48. This run gains 9,900 lbs in elevation, ensuring the turbos can still provide boost up in the thin air.  Mount Evans is 9,000 feet above Denver, with paved roads over 14,200 feet. Visible from the great plains, you can see the upcoming 992  Series test mules carving the corners of the summit road. 

Hot weather testing also takes place here in Florida, with camouflaged versions pushing their A/C to the max in stop & go gridlock. Relentless testing also happens in Germany, running the Eifel Mountains to test transmissions and brakes beyond normal driving conditions. Testing like this is nothing new for Porsche, even back to the 993 series. So click the link below for great incentives from our dealers and stay with us for all your Porsche news. 

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