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Porsche Top 5: The LOUDEST Porsches

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It was 15 years ago, and I thought my car was loud. My perceptions of loud changed after a Brumos Racing Porsche passed me with a hellish scream. The flat-six engine design does not lend itself to being quiet, so turn up your audio. In their latest episode, Porsche Top 5 has the Loudest Porsches of all time. Sound is measured in decibels (dB) so this list might shock you.

Lets put these numbers into perspective. OSHA only allows workers to spend 8 hours a day at 90 dB. Because higher numbers are exponentially louder, US workers are only allowed 2 hours at 100dB. The band KISS was measured at 136 while playing in Ottawa in 2009. Above 120 dB causes hearing damage, 130 dB is physical pain. 140 is the average noise on the deck of a Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier. 150 dB causes ruptured ear drums, and anything louder is either the SR-71 Blackbird or a North Korean diesel submarine.

Thanks to the rear-engine layout, the Porsche 911 is quite capable in off-road racing. The 3-Liter Safari was built to take on the world’s toughest races. When it started the famous Paris-Dakar race, its 122.9 decibels could probably be heard at the finish line.

The 4th spot goes to a screaming 996 series 911. Once the world survived Y2K, Porsche decided to build a race car in 2004. In order to homologate this beast for tracks around the world, they were forced to build a street-legal version- the first GT3 RS. Still one of the loudest racecars ever built, the exhaust was measured at 123.4 dB.

What does the Porsche 928 have in common with the original Camaro ZL1? Both use aluminum V8 engines with identical bore spacing. Porsche wanted a sports coupe with big block V8 power and a rear transaxle. Needless to say, it has an American roar of 126.4 dB.

Number two isn’t a Carrera GT or one of the wild air-cooled 917s. Porsche wanted to dominate Formula1 in 1962, so Typ 804 was driven to victory by Dan Gurney. Even spectators probably had hearing damage from the 137 dB of victory.

Now it is time to discuss the loudest Porsche of all time. When the 911 met its first turbo, it was a match made in heaven. To prove the concept on the track, the 1974 Carrera RSR Turbo 2.1 used equal-length headers to spool the largest turbo you have ever seen. To keep it spinning, there is no exhaust behind it, just a hater pipe that emits 138.1 dB of dominance! Our dealers have great incentives on new & certified Porsche 911 models (including mufflers). So click the link below and stay with us for more Porsche Top 5 uploads.