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Porsche Taycan Reveals its Digital & Sustainable Interior

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Porsche’s first battery-powered EV is almost ready for launch. It looks and performs unlike any Porsche before it, so it needed an interior just as impressive. Taking a page from the past, they used the dash of the first Porsche 911 as a starting point. While 1963 controls and gauges are not an option, the shapes are just as pleasing. Starting with the instrument cluster, it is a 16.8″ curved screen without a cowling. Placing the screen in the open is just one way the Porsche Taycan reveals its digital & sustainable interior.

Sitting amidships under the windshield is the familiar chronograph with an LED time display. The central dash has a 10.9″ touchscreen, and it can be optioned with a passenger display for side-seat drivers. Ahead of the cup holders, the center console rises to an 8.4″ touchscreen. It uses haptic feedback to keep your eyes on the road.

Even the A/C vents are digital, and they are capable of direct or diffused airflow thanks to Porsche “Virtual Airflow Control”. The sustainable portion of the interior comes from 2 choices. Leather isn’t a limited resource, so it would be our choice. The other material offered is “Race-Tex” microfiber made from recycled polyester. Until the Taycan arrives, Porsche has another electric option. The Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Click the link below to find one near you and stay with us for all your Porsche news.


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