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Report: All-Electric Porsche Taycan Gets Estimated Price

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The new Porsche Taycan is coming in as the brand’s first all-electric model in the modern era. You see, Ferdinand Porsche’s very first design was the 1898 Egger-Lohner electric car, which would technically make it Porsche’s first electric car and their very first car in general. The Taycan, however, is the first all-electric car under the Porsche name.

Alright, enough of history. Let’s talk money. Many have been wondering where the Taycan would sit in Porsche’s model lineup in regards to pricing. Automotive News estimates the Taycan will have a likely starting price above $92,500. However, Robert Meier, the model line director for the Taycan, says it will have an expected price between the Cayenne and Panamera. That would put it between $65,700 and $85,000 if you use the base models in each range.

This kind of pricing would, of course, be for a base model Taycan. Porsche’s CFO, Lutz Meschke, has told reporters that he wants “higher-performance versions” of the Taycan that could be priced much higher, according to Automotive News. Some like an electric version of the 911 Turbo?

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Source: Automotive News