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Porsche Taycan Endurance Testing at Nardò Ring

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It takes a leap of faith to enter a new market. A purely electric luxury sedan will face competition from the (Redacted) Model S, and that is why the Porsche Taycan is endurance testing at the Nardò Ring. Volkswagen Group has owned the historic proving grounds for several years, and it has allowed them to dial in their Lamborghini, Bentley, and Audi models. It is also where the Porsche 919 Hybrid proved that 800-volt charging could lead to three wins at LeMans.

With the launch of the Taycan planned for early September, they had to make sure every aspect is proven. With track temperatures reaching 129 degrees, they covered 2,128 miles in 24 hours. This potent machine had an average speed between 121 to 134 mph. The driver was treated to the latest version of Apple Music.

It is the first fully-integrated streaming service offered by Apple, and it includes six months of free music along with three years of internet & data connectivity. Tell us your thoughts about this new Porsche in the comments below, and click the link to experience the new Porsche 911.


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