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Man Has Porsche Race Car as Daily Driver [Video]

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Every boy dreams of owning a race car.  We pushed our Hot Wheels back and forth, wishing that the 4-inch  Mercedes CLK GTR would grow exponentially into a car we could drive.

This man in Japan made his dream of owning a race car a reality.  As soon as he saw the Porsche 962 he fell in love with it. And just like when a man falls in love at first sight with a woman, he knew he had to have the object of his love.

He bought the Porsche 962, and now uses it as his daily driver, because if you had a car like this, wouldn’t you? I know I would go to the grocery store in my dream car, the Audi Quattro S1.


[Source: Maiham-Media.com on Vimeo]