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Porsche Finishes Production on the 918 Spyder

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It seems as though it’s over just as quickly as it all began: after 21 months of production time, Porsche has rolled the last 918 Spyder off of the line in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.

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This news comes to us in a press release issued today by Porsche. It’s sad to see the 887 hp hybrid hypercar go, but we know that Porsche will be using the groundbreaking technology at the center of the car in future models.

In the press release, Porsche talks heavily about how the 918 Spyder is the foundation for what’s to come from the automaker. They state that the car “can convert far more kinetic energy into electrical energy than other hybrid vehicles because of its intelligent control of generator functionality and conventional brakes.” This means we could see the kinetic energy recovery system in future models, which none of us would mind at all.

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We would like to take this time to congratulate Porsche on producing one of the most fascinating and incredible cars ever crafted. It will certainly leave a large mark in automotive history and will be talked about for years to come, just like the 959 and Carrera GT supercars.

To reflect on the hypercar that is the 918 Spyder, here are some of the car’s highlights:

That being said, this doesn’t mean you still can’t buy a 918 Spyder. Actually, now is a better time than ever. Check out the examples we currently have for sale by clicking the button below.

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(Source: Porsche)

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