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Porsche Cars North America Sales Figures for February

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The past few years have seen an unprecedented number of sales in the luxury car market, with deliveries growing at seemingly exponential rates year over year. As Bloomberg Business described in a Feb. 25 article, “…unlike in decades past, the fastest-selling products in the auto business are also the ones that cost the most.”

It would appear 2015 is no exception to this new rule. Especially not for Porsche.

On Jan. 5, Porsche Cars North America announced that 2014 was the fourth straight year of growth for deliveries. The total number of cars delivered reached 47,007, a 185 percent growth from their 2011 delivery numbers, and in a press release issued today, they’ve shown that this pattern is repeating itself once again.

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Though the marque has delivered 60 cars fewer in February of this year than they did in Feb. 2014, they’ve increased their Year-to-Date deliveries by an additional 811 vehicles. While this is a 12.8 percent increase for YTD deliveries, the decrease for February is being attributed to the intensely inclement weather across the country, among other factors.

One of the major reasons for this increase in deliveries can be attributed to the Macan’s introduction to Porsche’s lineup. Keeping with the new trend of consumer demand for Sport Utility Vehicles, the Macan was made available for purchase in the spring of 2014.

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