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Porsche Carrera GT Reconstructed in Spectacular Fashion

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The Porsche Carrera GT is truly an iconic car. The timing of its release put the Carrera GT as one of the wildest new automobiles revealed in the new millennium and it was regarded as the successor to the incredible 959 supercar. With such prestige, it’s no wonder that owners of the car tend to keep them in such pristine condition. One owner, in particular, went to an extreme when it came to the upkeep of his Carrera GT.

Porsche Classic was commissioned by a collector in the United States to completely rework his Carrera GT. Essentially, it was a complete reconstruction of the vehicle, with the car being entirely disassembled, every part checked and either refurbished or replaced.

On the outside, the collector had Porsche Classic finished the Carrera GT in a deep Oak Green Metallic paint. When applied, it was the first time this specific paint had appeared since the 1970s and it was never available for the Carrera GT. Five-spoke magnesium wheels were fitted and painted in gold, creating a beautiful gold/green scheme.

Why the Porsche Carrera GT Sounds so Good

Porsche’s utilization of carbon fiber in the Carrera GT led Porsche Classic to a very special task. “Because the coating on older carbon fibre parts tends to yellow and fade, we spent 350 hours manually sanding and recoating all the carbon fiber components, including the monocoque,” explains Uwe Makrutzki, Manager of Porsche Classic Factory Restorations in Stuttgart. That’s a lot of work.

Now that the car is complete, Porsche Cars North America is going to display the car at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta to a group of 100 selected guests.