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Porsche 930: Raw Power for a 911

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In honor of the last day of September, we offer you Porsche’s 930. This is the classic 911 Turbo introduced in 1975 that lasted until 1989. Find your long lost mix tapes for your Blankpunt stereo, and charge your Motorola bag phone, because it’s time for a history lesson.

In order for Porsche’s flat six cylinder to keep up with its V8 and V12 competitors, experiments in turbocharging began in the late 1960s. To homologate the technology used on their race cars, the 930 featured many changes from the base 911. With over 100 horsepower more than the base model Carreras, they earned a reputation for being too strong for an inexperienced driver to handle.

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Early turbos offered tremendous gains in power, but without computer control, the power arrived all at once. This caused instant wheelspin and made the cars notoriously hard to control. For an additional fee, Porsche offered a “Flachbau” or Slant Nose. Being among the most collectible Porsches of all time, they added pop-up headlights and an aerodynamically optimized the front end.

For 1989, the final year of the 930 offered a new 5-speed transmission with closer ratios than those in the obsolete four speed. Without all the modern safety and stability systems, the 930 is a light and powerful car that still scares professional drivers. If you think you are up to the challenge, the 930 has been the backbone of our magazine since 1985. With more variety to choose from than any other source, here is your next car.

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