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Porsche 918 Spyder Launch Control Accelerations

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Shift-S3ctor has been gaining a reputation for putting together some of the West Coast’s best high-horsepower racing events, with the country’s finest supercars turning out to test their stuff at Airstrip Attacks up and down the Pacific.

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At a 2015 California Airstrip Attack, a Porsche 918 Spyder sporting Martini Racing Livery had a chance to test out its launch control and top speeds, all with BrianZuk there to catch it on camera. A video shared to YouTube Nov. 1 gives us a good look at a few of its runs. As the video’s caption tells us, it was able to hit 173 mph in the half-mile.

Turn your speakers up and enjoy the sweet sounds of the video below, and when you’re finished, find your own 918 to test at an Airstrip Attack from our exclusive listings.


(via YouTube)

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