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Porsche 918 Brochure Leaked

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Check out these leaked images from the Porsche 918 Spyder brochure and let me tell you what, this car looks ****ing amazing.

In the brochure you will see the interior which is absolutely brilliant.  The center console blew my mind all by itself.  If Porsche goes through with this design, the 918 Spyder’s center console will heavily feature touchscreen capabilities.  This goes especially for the main screen, where the music selector looks like it was taken straight from an iPad.  The only protruding objects on the center console are three selector knobs.

Porsche will be offering the 918 Spyder in 12 different colors.  White, black, yellow and red will be the basic solid colors.  Liquid Metal Silver, and Liquid Metal Chrome Blue are available for an extra charge.  Metallic colors are also available for the extra charge as well, as well as exterior films that include the Martini Racing Design and Salzburg Racing Design.

As if I couldn’t have been any more excited for the 918 Spyder, this had to come out and get me even more excited… Dammit.