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Porsche 911 GT3 RS Generation Comparison

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The new 2019 Porche 911 GT3 RS is considered a part of the 991.2 generation, while the previous model year example is within the 991.1 generation. This may confuse to some, but to Porsche aficionados, it’s just part of how Porsche rolls out changes. To better explain what the differences are between these two models, Porsche West Palm Beach put together a video that compares the two different 911 GT3 RS generations.

The many changes made to the 991.2 generation of the 911 GT3 RS have undoubtedly led to increased performance. For example, Porsche lapped the updated model around Nurburgring in order to show off its newfound agility. This resulted in a lap time that was faster than the 918 Spyder hypercar and any 911 GT3 RS that came before it. Not bad.

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As for the specifics of the car, its powered by a naturally aspirated engine that produces 520 horsepower and 346 lb-ft of torque at 6,000 rpm. It also has a curb weight of just 3,153 and a power-to-weight ratio of 6.1 lb/hp. Its 0 to 60 mph time is just 3 seconds and the car has a top speed of 193 mph. Basically, this new generation of the 911 GT3 RS is a Gern improvement on a model that was already superior to so many other cars.

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