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Third Generation Porsche 718 Cayman Hits Production

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As of now, thanks to the successful production of the 718 Cayman, production of all two-door sports cars will occur at the Porsche headquarters in Zuffenhausen. Before this, many of these cars were produced in Osnabrück at a Volkswagen plant, but Porsche’s Zuffenhausen headquarters successfully completed production of the 911 line in 2015 and the 718 Boxter in spring 2016 proving the headquarters and it’s staff have the ability, knowhow and stamina to product the sports car lines.

This is of great importance to Porsche, because Zuffenhausen represents a 75 year history for Porsche, making the location of prime importance to the car maker. In a press release, Executive Board Member for Production and Logistics at Porsche AG stated:

“The production launch of the Cayman successor models was executed to our full satisfaction.After the successful launches of the new 911 at the end of last year and of the new 718 Boxster in spring 2016, the team in Zuffenhausen also handled this production launch impeccably. This is further proof that our employees work with perfection and passion on a daily basis to enable a very special Porsche experience for our customers.”

Since all two-door Porsches will be produced at the same location, daily production is set to hit around 240 cars per day by August of this year.