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Rare Look Inside Porsche Museum’s Secret Warehouse in Stuttgart

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You’re given the chance to pick between a secret door, secret word and secret warehouse. Which do you pick? My suggestion is the warehouse. Why? While you might think most warehouses are filled with boxes, oil stains, shelves and forklifts, one specific warehouse in Stuttgart belongs to Porsche and it’s packed with cars you never thought existed.

Yes, what Porsche has in Stuttgart is the unicorn of warehouses, without the horn and with more tires. This warehouse is located right by the Porsche Museum and it houses classic production models, concepts and race cars, some of which have never been seen by the public.

But, even if they haven’t been seen by the public, there are still photographers out there that get rare chances to get inside and snap photos for us all to look at. One such photographer is Steffan Jahn. He had the opportunity to tour the warehouse and uploaded his photos from the tour to his Behance account for the world to see. You can view some of the photos below. For the full set, head over to his project.

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(Source: Behance/Steffan Jahn)