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Porsche Explains the Lizard Green Paint on the 911 GT3 RS

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No decision is arbitrary when it comes to Porsche‘s pride & joy. Even the smallest change invokes a discussion amongst the management, so they decided to let us in on how a new color was chosen for the 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Barbara Sika and Daniela Milošević are the ladies in charge of Porsche’s paint shop.

Because the GT3 RS is so polarizing, Barbara said: “The 911 GT3 RS pushes the limits of what’s technically possible, so it also needs a cutting-edge color”. Daniela followed her with: “We match the color precisely to the character of the car. The color should be like a superb article of clothing that perfectly highlights the car’s qualities.”

Barbara also pointed out that Lizard Green extroverted, and we couldn’t agree more. The brilliant shade is found on the seats, roll cage, and even the seat belts. That’s why it has been chosen as a “Communication Color”. The press release says we will see this car in many brochures, videos, and social media in the near future. If you need more green in your life, click the link below to find your GT3 RS and have a great weekend!

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