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Jay Leno Drives West Coast Customs’ Porsche 356

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What if you could own & drive a classic Porsche 356 without the quirks associated with old cars? That is what motivated West Coast Customs to build a modern interpretation of a 1959 model. In the latest upload to Jay Leno’s Garage, CEO Ryan Friedlinghaus allowed Jay and us to experience something amazing.

How Many Cars in Jay Leno’s Collection!?!

Starting with a rustbucket 1959 Porsche, they were commissioned by its owner to fit the classic body onto the chassis of a late-model Cayman. Nothing lined up, which led the team to chop, channel, & modify the classic car to fit the modern dimensions. The Cayman is much wider, so every piece of metal had to be modified.

The mid-engine layout allowed his team to build a decent-sized trunk behind the powertrain in addition to the front trunk. If you look closely you will see a separation along the beltline. The hardtop has all new glass and it is removable to transform into a roadster. With all the luxuries of a 2008 Cayman or Boxster, this custom is the best of both worlds. Stay with us for all your classic Porsches and more updates from Jay Leno’s Garage.