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Introducing the Porsche Design Tower

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Having your car elevated and delivered to your apartment is a trend that is surprisingly starting to catch on, and why not? Who wouldn’t want to have their pride and joy sleeping on the same floor plan as you?

The Porsche Design Tower is the latest apartment high rise that will have an elevator that will take your car directly to your apartment. This $560 million tower will be built in Sunny Isles Beach in Miami, Florida, a great location considering the amount of affluent residents. It will consists of 60 stories and 132 units, with unit sizes ranging from 3415 to 6684 sq. ft.. You may be wondering why this building has “Porsche” in the title, and that title is due to the developers who happen to be Dezer Developments and the Porsche Design Group.

But, are floor plans what we are here to talk about? Nope. We are here to talk about the amazing technology that allows you to stay in your car until you are in your apartment. In order to accomplish this feat, the resident must park their car in a specific spot where the floor will shift and a machine will pick up the car and place it in the glass elevator. During the 45-90 second elevator right, the driver will be able to enjoy the sights of the city or ocean thanks to the crystal clear glass.  Once your unit is reached, the car is placed into your garage thanks to the mobile floor machine. Voila, you’re home!

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The Porsche Design Tower is expected to be finished in 2016 and units are said to cost roughly $9 million.