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How to Correct and Coat a Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet

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Aesthetic Detail shows you how to properly correct and coat a 2011 Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet in this article from the company’s website.

This customer contacted me after walking by the Aesthetic Detail booth at Supercar Saturdays. He expressed interest in having his cars coated with hydrophobic coatings for protection against the harsh elements. Naturally, I stopped by his garage to check the condition of paint. Each of the cars was white, except a black pearl Jeep. Given that white does not easily show swirl marks, I asked that he bring it by for further inspection. Overall, the car was in decent shape. The entire front end was covered in clear bra, but the rear bumper was heavily swirled. We agreed on the best package based upon his needs and expectations and work began immediately.

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Silver Package: One Step Correction and 22PLE Glass Coating (no leather reconditioning)

Take a look at the photographic documentation below to see the process in detail.

Swirl marks are difficult to spot on white cars. However, depending on the angle of lighting, swirl marks, holograms and minor scratches become highly visible. By using halogen lighting at several different angles, the damage to the paint can be properly assessed.


An integral step in paint correction is taping off any sensitive parts that may be negatively impacted by polishing.


All the sensitive parts are taped off.


After adjusting the lighting, I was able to capture and show a glimpse of what the paint truly looked like. Small micro marring all over the car, in addition to water mark staining.


This is an image of the rear bumper. The entire bumper was heavily swirled and required additional time and labor.


There was also some staining on the rear bumper behind the license plate holder. (Yes, that is important to keep clean too.)


Using a foam pad and a Rupes Polisher the panels were polished out .


The rear bumper required a heavy cutting pad to eliminate the swirls. A microfiber pad is ideal in situations like these.


Once the car was corrected, all panels were wiped down with ISO-propyl alcohol to rid the surface of any polishing oils and contaminants.  It is critical that the paint surface is bare prior to application of hydrophobic coatings.


Using a new foam applicator, 22PLE is carefully applied throughout the entire vehicle. Clear bra can also be coated to provide hydrophobic protection for the surface as well.


Final touches were made to the wheels.


The depth and gloss of the white paint was just unreal. Enjoy!










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