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How to Buy Your Porsche 918 Spyder

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Since our first publication in 1985, there have been a lot of revolutionary changes to the process behind how to get your hands around the wheel of the newest, most exclusive supercars in the world. So we’ve decided to help you out and provide a step by step guide for how to “Build Your Own” Porsche 918 Spyder and have it ready to come to your driveway before anybody else in the world.



Step One:

918 Step 1

First things first, go to Porsche.com and select your location to continue. At Porsche’s home page, select “Build Your Porsche.” A new window will pop up allowing for you to select from different models, as you can see above. It’s a real shock to already see the 918 Spyder on this list, with it only officially being released Sept. 12 at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA). Select the 918 Spyder, and continue.

Step Two:

918 Step 2

Your base price will start at a mere $845,000, not a bad price while compared to equally performing hybrids of the 918 Spyders class. As you move into your preferences and trims, your first choices will be for the exterior. You’ll have the option to switch from “roof on” or “roof off,” which will help you to view your interior at any time to get a real feel of the look of your car.

You’ll notice that your standard colors, along with the metallic colors, cost you virtually nothing. The special colors fall under Porsches “Liquid Metal” category and will cost an extra $63,000. You get three options of rims: the standard 918 rims, the platinum painted 918 rims for an extra $5,800, and magnesium rims, an extra $32,500, though they are stronger, 26 lbs lighter and RS Spyder racecar inspired. Select “next” to continue to the next step when you’re ready.

Step Three:

918 Step 3

Your interior options are simple. You may choose between ordinary lightweight bucket seats, or contoured lightweight bucket seats for added lumbar support and tougher cushions. We recommend the latter, as Porsche has decided to not charge for the extra comforting option. You’ll also have your choice of a leather interior or Porsche’s prestigious authentic leather interior for an additional $26,000. As for your trim options for interior color, it will vary by the leather you choose, though more options are available with the authentic option.

Step Four:

918 Step 4

The last of your options will be divided into three sections: “Exterior,” “Performance” and “Interior.” You’ll notice that many options may not be automatically selected, though they cost nothing to add. Hats off to Porsche for providing more bang for the consumer’s buck when they want it.

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Your exterior options consist of a Stone Shield and a Front Axle Lift System. We recommend both in order to lower future costs of scratches and scrapes on that $63,000 Liquid Metal paint job. The Performance currently only consists of the Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK), which cannot be deselected and is no extra charge to you. Although, it makes us think that there may be other options under the category in the future.

When selecting “Interior,” your options broaden. You have choices of seat belt trims for $1,800, a carbon fiber interior finish priced at $7,500, and even an option to have your car key painted in a color scheme to match your 918 with a leather pouch for $1,380. Many other options inside your 918 come with no extra charge, like the Porsche HomeLink® System, again giving more value for your dollar.

Step Five:

918 Step 5

Finally, you will summarize your order, review your total and decide if you’re happy with your investment. If you’ve ever met Tom duPont, than you know that nothing short of the best is exceptional, and so we’ve selected every top-line option possible on our screen and come to a total of $985,855. Still an incredible price considering the class of this fully loaded vehicle. Compare this to the base prices of the McLaren P1 or the LaFerrari, and enough has been said.

To continue your order from here, you’ll have to select one of the links in the lower right box. You can get a quote, or simply have the information sent to your nearest dealer so they can acquire the exact vehicle you’ve “built.”