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Guy Rebuilds Dream Porsche in Garage in 4 Minutes

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The project car is a mystifying thing. Some can take days, weeks, months, or even years to finish (the latter is usually the case). For Jeff of the YouTube channel Home Built By Jeff, his project car was a Porsche 911 RSR. While the title says it took him only four minutes to complete the rebuild, that’s only because the video he posted is sped up and serves as a timelapse of the project. In reality, it took him 18 months to complete.

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Would we really want to sit around and watch him rebuild his car in real-time? Most likely, yes, actually. Speaking of that, there should be a streaming service just for project car build where you can talk to the mechanic and give them tips. Anyways, the video below shows Jeff turning a beat-up Porsche into a gorgeous one-of-a-kind project car that is undeniably stunning. Click play to see it for yourself– remember, it’s only four minutes long!

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