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Emory Motorsports Unveils Porsche 356 RSR

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What would happen if Porsche had access to modern technology back in 1960? That is what Rod Emory asked when he embarked on this mission. What began as a sketch in 2012 has come to fruition, as Emory Motorsports has unveiled the Porsche 356 RSR.

Their goal was to combine the wild looks of the 935 race cars, envisioning what a Porsche Werks 356 would look like. Artist Greg Macey shared the illustrations on Instagram, where the caught the attention of MOMO CEO Henrique Cisneros. He told them to make it a reality, so Emory found a rusty 1960 365B coupe that was going to be scrapped.

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A new body was hand-made from aluminum. It rides on a 1990 Carrera 2 chassis, and power comes from a 2.4L flat-four. It makes 400 horsepower at 17.5 lbs of boost and sends it to the rear wheels through a G50 5-speed transmission. Momo provided a distressed steering wheel to match the time period, along with seats, racing harnesses, and a beech wood shift knob. This retro build will undoubtedly inspire others, so click the link below to find a 356 near you and stay with us for more updates from Emory Motorsports.