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How Much Can You Fit In A 718 Cayman?

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It has been our observation that storage space for luggage and groceries is inversely proportional to the price and power of a car. What that means is that expensive and fast automobiles generally have no capacity for anything other than the occupants. Porsche wants us to know that compromises of that sort need not be made for their latest 718 Cayman.

In a YouTube video uploaded yesterday, one lucky owner decided to ditch his sports gear to make for a lighter drive. Everyone has that one friend that is into every sport under the sun, but who knew they could also be a Porsche owner? Not only does the 718 Cayman have a traditional “frunk” under the hood, but the hatchback design offers ample storage areas above and behind the mid-mounted engine. Under the rear deck lies a 2.0L turbocharged flat four tuned to 296 hp.

Aside from having almost 300 hp in such a small coupe, the 718 also offers 15 cubic feet of cargo space. That puts it on a level playing field with Corvette, making much more expensive hatchbacks seem claustrophobic in comparison. Ferrari’s F12berlinetta offers 11.3 and the Mercedes-AMG GT is at 12.3 cubic feet respectively. The fun little Boxster is all grown up, and the 718 Cayman’s storage space makes it a great choice for a daily driver. Stay tuned to Autofluence more Porsche news.

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