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Porsche Carrera GT with a Lion Cub On Top

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What could possibly be added to a Porsche Carrera GT to make it even more appealing and aesthetically irresistible than it is?

A lion cub, of course.


On Feb. 16, British photographer and film maker DlightSwitch, who travels between the United Kingdom and Middle East on his trips, uploaded a video to YouTube from a photoshoot with a Porsche Carrera GT that took an unexpected turn. The car’s owner needed to take a break to feed his pet lion cub, and let the little queen of the jungle steal some time in front of the camera.

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DlightSwitch uploaded a few pictures from the shoot to Facebook as well on Feb. 17 and 18, showing off little Kiara playing around on the GT.

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(Source: YouTube via Yahoo Autos)

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