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Why You Should Buy a Porsche 911 GT3 RS

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Driving a Porsche 911 has been proven to provide long-lasting stress relief, but to many it becomes addictive. This addiction can manifest itself in the need to modify and race, but many barriers to entry exist to the owner. German cars aren’t the easiest to work on, and since their aftermarket suppliers are based in Deutschland, it is often more cost effective to purchase a car that has already been prepped for competition.


With 911 racing gaining popularity in the late 90’s, the engineers in Stuttgart decided to build a race-ready supercar using the best parts available. In 1999, they launched the GT3 as a no-frills track car. Air conditioning and insulation were nowhere to be found. To cope with the rigorous demands of weekend racers, the famous flat-six was given a water jacket for keep it cool. Bigger brakes and stiffer springs made for a potent machine, but there was room for improvement.

As an homage to their racers of the past, the 911 GT3 RS debuted in 2003. Less weight equals more acceleration, so carbon fiber found its way into the body panels and the rear window was fashioned of polycarbonate instead of glass. The engine and suspension were pushed even further beyond what we thought was possible. Adjustable control arms made it possible to dial in enough camber to out-corner everyone else on the track, while the massive carbon fiber spoiler delivered 77 lbs of downforce.


The GT3 RS represents a clear and present danger to anyone else on the track. Armed with one of the most powerful naturally aspirated six cylinder engines ever made, the RS has been banned from several classes due to its dominating performance. Now that the weather has cooled off, treat yourself to a little fun.

Take a look at the many Gt3 RS models our dealers have to offer, get your helmet out of the closet and be prepared to bring home a podium finish. That is why the 911 GT3 RS should be your next car.


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