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ASMA “The Giant” Porsche Cayenne Turbo

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The German aftermarket geniuses at ASMA design have created yet another bodykit to enhance our enthusiasm for another exotic monster. This time, they’ve wrapped their designs around a Porsche Cayenne, and are calling it “The Giant.” The Cayenne Turbo features a bodykit that is completely made from carbon fiber and makes the Cayenne Turbo an eye-popping 6.57 feet wide. The tuned SUV has been lowered 40 mm and sits on 22 inch wheels, though you’d never guess the wheel size when comparing them to the immense vehicle.

Judging by the exhaust system in the picture of the rear, it’s safe to say ASMA went further than just improving the body of the vehicle. Though we’d love to provide you with every bit of technological detail about The Giant, not much more than the bit of information we’ve already mentioned and a few photos has been released. What we can tell you is that rumors have stirred of the high performance Cayenne Turbo having been tuned to 550 hp.

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ASMA continues to create top of the line tuners, keeping them on our watch list to see what else will be available from them next. This particular kit can currently be ordered from ASMA Design Germany. You can see it at the link below to take a look at prices and order yours now.


ASMA_Gigant_Porsche_Cayenne_Turbo_kl (1)


ASMA_Gigant_Porsche_Cayenne_Turbo_kl (2)