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A Porsche Key For It All

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Did you know that Porsche has a department specifically dedicated to the creation and innovation of their keys? Sascha Kissner, director of development for electric/electronic car-body security systems, is the man behind this department. In an article published by Porsche on their website, Kissner explains why the key is so important, saying, “The key is the first part of the Porsche you have in your hand every day.”

From the early days of Porsche, the keys were old-fashioned, sporting a solid metal construction and teeth. Now, the key you use to unlock and start your Porsche is shaped like the car itself and features fantastic technology.


The circuit boards inside the keys allow owners to unlock the doors, open the roof of a cabriolet, unlock the luggage compartment, activate memory functions for the seat positions and perform a multitude of other tasks.

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Most importantly, Porsche ensures that their security systems are second-to-none and that owners can rest easy, knowing that their key is one-of-a-kind and unreplicable. “A key stands for the identity of the car, and that is of paramount importance to the owner,” says Kissner in the article. “It’s comparable to the key for your house.”

While we may take keys for granted, it is enlightening to see a prestigious brand such as Porsche put so much dedication and pride into them.









(Source: Porsche)
(Image Source: Bettina Keidal via Porsche)

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