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A Photographers Perspective: Porsche Carrera GT by Tanner Mashburn

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My name is Tanner Mashburn and I am based in Nashville, TN. I started TMashPhotos in 2009 and have been photographing cars ever since. My work includes shooting Tennessee Ferrari, Maserati & Lamborghini Club meetings as well as different track events, but the bulk of my work goes into private photo shoots for clients of their cars. These photo shoots range from a 1961 Ford Falcon to a 2012 Lamborghini Aventador. Last week I received an email from a frequent client of mine who wanted me to shoot his Porsche Carrera GT so he could have canvases of it in his garage. The Carrera GT was first produced in 2004 with a total of 1,270 making their way to public streets. It has a V10 engine that produces a noise like no other car found today. I scheduled to meet the owner at a location we have met at before, and the shoot was set. Before the shoot, I always visit several locations to make sure they are all available and nothing about them has changed. I brought along my Nikon D7000 as my main camera, along with my Olympus E-520 as my backup. The cameras were cleaned before the shoot and batteries charged. I also brought along a stand so I could get higher angles of the car easily. I went to the first location where I met up with the owner. I could hear the car from far away and watched as it pulled into the parking lot. The black Carrera GT drove up and I positioned it into a parking space in front of some green bushes to get some detail shots. I wanted some shots of certain parts of the car without having the whole car in the photo. I then positioned the car to get an overall shot while I laid on the ground to maximize the very low angle I was trying to achieve.

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Lastly, I used the stand I had to get various high shots of the engine. Before we went to the main location, we went to several other sites but some were not accessible due to the Porsches extremely low front end. With the Carrera GT being a dark car, I needed a dark background to put it in front of. I chose an iron gate with some black statues that I had used for some past photo shoots over a year ago. We parked the car and took a good amount of time to shoot both the front and rear, just to make sure at least one turned out right. After taking these photos, the Carrera GT and I parted ways. It left with a loud exhaust note similar to an F1 car. Although the actual shoot was over, the process to get the photos looking professional was far from done. Over the weekend, several hours of work would be put into editing and making sure the photos looked as good as possible. Overall, I believe this shoot was a complete success. The photos turned out great and I believe the owner enjoyed them just as much as I did. My main goal is to produce professional quality photos that make the owner happy with the finished result, and leave me with a since of accomplishment and improvement.

Tanner Mashburn