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Porsche 993 Widebody: Carrera S & Carrera 4S: How to Buy

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The 911 993 ‘S’ cars have the widebody of the Turbo along with its lowered suspension and big brakes. Aside from having more rubber on the ground, you will have better braking performance and the safety of AWD in the C4S. Like the Turbo, the C4S only sends between 5 and 39% of torque to the front wheels. It was done to prevent the snap oversteer of the old days and make the car viable for all weather conditions. Both versions arrived with lowered suspension and full leather interior. They are 3” wider than base model cars, but each one has its own features. Carrera S offered 17” wheels along with steel gray interior accents. Carrera 4S had 18” wheels and the big brakes of the Turbo cars. Built as coupe and convertible, they represent a significant period in the history of the Porsche 911.

How To Buy A Porsche 993 Widebody:

With a disproportionate front to rear tire size, the S cars will ultimately have more grip in the corners. But many owners have stated that the wide rear rubber keeps the car from rotating into and out of the turns. Your first task is to drive one because the recipe is unique for the 993. Other options exist in the Turbo and Turbo S cars. If you like the classic looks of the narrow body, you might consider a Carrera or Targa as a daily driver. Traditionalists will tell you they look ridiculous compared to the classic 911s, but you can’t deny the appeal of those curvy rear quarter panels! As with all 993 series 911s, rust and oil leaks are your enemy. Corrosion normally forms around the base of the windshield and behind the rear bumper supports. Be sure the car is not using or losing oil because it’s the only coolant you have. With more grip comes more lateral G forces, which can split rubber bushing like a knife through butter. Any car as old as the 993 series has hopefully had new bushings along the way but listen for clunks and rattles on your test drive.

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  • Horsepower: 268 (95) 286 (96-97)
  • Torque (lb-ft): 243
  • 0-60 mph (seconds): 5.7
  • 0-100 mph (seconds): 12.9
  • 1/4 Mile: 14.0 @ 100.9 mph
  • Weight (lbs): 3,715
  • Production: 14,830 

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