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Porsche 918 Spyder Trilogy

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A new trilogy has been introduced to the publishing world, and it’s a collection that any Porsche enthusiast will be excited to own.

Special interest publishing company Delius Klasing (DK) of Bielefeld, Germany, has created the Porsche 918 Spyder book trilogy, recording the story of the supercar from three different perspectives. Their website describes the three installments, calling them the “Picture Book,” the “Story Book” and the “Fact Book.”

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The “Picture Book” contains a compilation of photos from Stefan Bogner, a photographer and designer based in Munich. Journalist Jürgen Pander narrates the “Story Book,” which goes behind the scenes and takes readers onto the testing tracks and into the Porsche Development Center as the 918 Spyder moved from being an idea to becoming a reality.


For those interested in the hard facts about the car, Klaus-Achim Peitzmeier’s “Fact Book” provides a compact and precise rundown of “all the relevant facts, figures and graphics associated with this stroke of technical genius called the 918 Spyder.” All three are being published in both German and English, and orders will begin shipping on Jan. 15. Pricing for the trilogy is set at €98, or approximately $116 USD.

(Source: Delius-Klasing Publishing, Featured Image courtesy of Porsche’s Facebook page)

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