918 Spyder

The Porsche 918 Spyder is Sold Out

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Intentionally limiting any valuable resource is great if you are the seller. If you are a potential buyer, it is nothing but heartache. Supercars are not necessarily rare due to their price, but because manufacturers only build a handful of them. If you have been waiting for the new 918 to arrive at your local Porsche dealer, you might not want to read any further. The innovative hybrid masterpiece is no longer available for purchase. All 918 examples of the 918 have been sold and whisked away onto racetracks or into climate controlled hibernation.

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Porsche’s previous supercar, the Carrera GT, was capped at only 1,270 units not because they couldn’t find buyers, but because of the nature car itself. Cars of this nature aren’t built on the normal assembly lines. Because they are so different from production cars, many of the systems and components have to be installed by hand.

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With two electric motors and a KERS system, the 918 is unlike anything that has ever rolled out of Stuttgart. Training a dedicated team to build them takes time and also pulls skilled employees from their normal tasks. In a Dec. 10 interview with Autocar, Porsche’s head of R&D Wolfgang Hatz confirmed that a successor will be built, but it might be a decade or more.

The article states that 297 of the 918 918s were sold to American customers, and approximately 100 went to each China and Germany. Until the technological advances found in the 918 trickle down to daily drivers, it will be the benchmark for production supercars. They will command a higher price than what they initially sold for, and your best resource for locating one will always be our next issue.

(Source: Autocar.co.uk)

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