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900hp Switzer Performance E911 Porsche Turbo

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A man, we’ll call him AT, went to Switzer Performance after purchasing a 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo with just 1,100 miles, according to a press release from Switzer Performance. He said the car was replacing his aging BMW M3, and he wanted something with a little more power. Switzer certainly delivered.

When all was said and done, AT was handed one of the most powerful Porsche 911 Turbos out there. Thanks to Switzer’s E911 Porsche flex-fuel package, his 911 was tuned to create 900 hp, with 950 peak hp, and more than 800 lb-ft of torque. He can now complete a quarter mile in about 9 seconds at a speed of nearly 150 mph.

Mechanically, AT’s E911 Porsche 911 Turbo is in a class of its own. It features newly-developed Switzer Performance intercoolers that flow into a pair of Switzer-specific turbochargers which were derived from the company’s 1,000 hp Sledgehammer project car. At the engine, the car uses the latest version of Switzer’s flex-fuel injection system, which utilizes a stand-alone EMS to ensure a seamless transition between pump gas and E85 ethanol. The engine’s exhaust empties out through custom stainless-steel motorsports-style headers and high-flow exhaust system.

Connecting the car to the ground are a set of 19-inch HRE 597 Rs wheels, wrapped with Toyo R888 tires.

So far, this car has obtained an overall win at the Will Springs roll race event and the Shift S3ctor event, both held in February.

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(Source: Switzer Performance)