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5 Top Secret Porsche Concepts

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Throughout the years, Porsche has been innovating and improving their automotive formula in an effort to create some of the finest vehicles on the road today. This effort has created prototypes of all shapes and sizes, with some falling flat and some going on to become best-sellers. On Porsche’s website, they unveiled a few prototypes that are housed in their secret warehouse. These cars can be found below, along with their respective specs. For more information about them, please visit Porsche.com.

Porsche 924

The 250 hp Porsche 924 designed to break long-distance records. This is the fastest 924 of all time.

Years: 1976/77
Engine: Four-cylinder turbo
Displacement: 1,984 cc
Power: 184 kW (250 hp)
Weight empty: 980 kg
Top track speed: 280 km/h

Porsche 984

A two-seater concept car that was relatively inexpensive, priced at 40,000 German marks. The car had a short life due to the plummeting dollar in 1987.

Years: 1984 to 1987
Engine: Four-cylinder boxer
Displacement: 1,984 cc
Power: 99 kW (135 hp)
Weight empty: 880 kg
Top track speed: 220 km/h

Concept Car Type 995

The Concept Car Type 995 was the result of Porsche being commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Research and technology to develop a future sports car.

Years: 1978 to 1979
Engine: V8
Displacement: 3,000 cc
Power: 96 kW (130 hp)
Weight empty: 1,290 kg
Top track speed: 200 km/h

Porsche 959

If you are familiar with Porsche, you have heard of the supercar known as the 959. This example was used for extensive wind-tunnel testing in 1982.

Years: 1982
Engine: Six-cylinder boxer bi-turbo
Displacement: 2,849 cc
Power: 331 kW (450 hp)
Weight empty: 1,450 kg
Top track speed: 315 km/h

Porsche 989

During an economic downturn in the late 80’s, Porsche decided to conjure up a front-engined, four-door family sports car. Unfortunately, Porsche was faced with the fact that this car would be too costly and production numbers would not be enough. However, Porsche did use many ideas and solutions from this car in future 911s.

Years: 1991
Engine: V8
Displacement: 4,200 cc
Power: 257 kW (350 hp)
Weight empty: 1,572 kg
Top track speed: 279 km/h

(Source: Porsche)

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