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$27,000 Solid Gold Pen from Porsche Design

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It has long been said that the pen is mightier than the sword, so when you wield this modern weapon of mass influence, it’s important to ensure its just as valuable as the words it writes.

Porsche Design has just the tool for weighty words, crafted from a material as refined as the English language. The P’3135 Solid Gold Limited Edition fountain pen, announced in a March 26 press release, features a simplistic and striking design milled from a single piece of pure 14-/585 carat gold. As of now, they’re priced at €25,000, or approximately $27,000 USD.

There will only be eleven of these exquisite writing tools created, with each sporting its limitation number lasered onto the barrel. Each of the pens will be distributed to a selected Porsche Design Store around the world, though it’s hard to say which have been selected. As there are 17 locations in the United States, five in the greater Los Angeles area alone, we can only hazard a cautious guess as to where they will be sold.

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Some of the finer details of this writing utensil fit for Midas are found in the specially designed nib and subtly hidden refill chamber. The nib is crafted from 18-/750 carat gold and “has been especially designed for the Solid fountain pen and highlights its aesthetic and elegance,” as the release states. The chamber is accessed by applying gentle pressure to the end of the pen and unscrewing the mechanism.

The P’3135 Solid Gold Limited Edition fountain pen will be made available for purchase beginning in mid-April. If you can’t wait quite that long, or if gold isn’t quite your flavor, you can pick up the Solid Fountain Pen from Porsche Design, crafted from one piece of titanium and featuring the same 18 carat gold nib, for $1,090 on the Porsche Design website.

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(Source: Porsche Design)

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