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Porsche Unveils 2019 Macan in Shanghai

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If you don’t need the size and space of the Cayenne, Porsche’s new 2019 Macan will be an unprecedented success. We first saw it in 2014, and it was ahead of its time. But Porsche keeps their lineup on the cutting edge. That’s why the second generation Macan arrives with plenty of upgrades. LED headlights are now standard, and the 3D taillights allow it to be unmistakable, even at a distance.

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Inside, the dash and instrument cluster are all new. The A/C vents are now more direct, flowing more air and being more ergonomic will keep you from being distracted while driving. Before the air reaches the vents it now goes through an ionizer to remove the odors of an active family. A new version of Porsche Communication Management is shown on an 11″ touchscreen. The Porsche GT steering wheel has finally made it into their SUV lineup, and it offers stress relief along with an elegant design.

Traffic-Jam Assist is their name for adaptive cruise control. It slows to a stop and returns to cruising speed without wearing out your fancy footwear. The chassis was reinforced to handle the strains of 21″ wheels, which will be offered in several designs. Your engine choices will be a few flavors of V6, with the Macan Turbo returning next year. Our dealers have great incentives on 2018 examples, so click the link below to find yours.

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