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2019 Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport For Sale

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It takes years, or even decades to become a Porsche VIP customer. Only a handful of people around the globe are offered their most exclusive cars. Their business strategy is obviously successful, and it inspired two entrepreneurs to create duPont Registry, 35 years ago.

Because powerful Porsches are our bread & butter, we have a rare opportunity for you. While the 992 series 911 was well into development, a small team at Weissach decided to pull out all the stops.

They envisioned a GT2 RS on a serious diet and with brutal power. One that has forged control arms at all corners, and ball joints instead of bushings. As talented as they are, the master craftspeople in Stuttgart build street cars, not race cars.

Flying under the radar, development began at Porsche Motorsport in Weissach. After building unique molds by hand, they crafted a roof, hood, doors, decklid, bumpers, and many interior panels. Each of the 200 examples were built by hand by racers and engineers at their facility adjacent to the track.

Without regard to civilized traffic, a new exhaust was designed without mufflers to drop more weight. Inside, the gauges were dropped in favor of a full-color Cosworth display. Under the bonnet, the battery was swapped from AGM to lithium-ion for even more weight-savings.

What you see here is a Porsche 911 with a dry weight under 3,000 lbs. While this fact alone would make it fast, their greatest achievement was behind the rear wheels. The 3.8L was treated to massive solid-roller cams and forged internals.

It uses the same recipe as the 911 GT3 Cup, but built for boost. As the first Porsche to include water injection, it offers 553 lb-ft of torque and 700 horsepower to the rear wheels. Because it has such a potent power-to-weight ratio, several sanctioning bodies have mandated restrictor plates for competition.

It has never been raced, with 0 miles on the odometer. The original owner opted for the Spares Package which includes a set of wheels, tires, and brakes. Perfect for track days, it is also welcomed at Porsche Clubsport, Werks Reunions, and Das Renn Treffen.

It is doubtful that Porsche will build something like this again. The GT2 RS Clubsport combines the precision of a scalpel with the power of a howitzer, and that’s why it deserves to be in your collection.