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1986 Porsche 930 Turbo D-Zug Projekt Mjølner For Sale

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Update 7/22/15: The price of the car has been reduced to $109,000.

There is little denying the power and prowess of the 1986 Porsche 930, or its importance in the continuation of Porsche’s success around the world, and particularly in the American and Japanese markets. But that’s not to say it can’t be improved upon.

Available for purchase from D-Zug now is their Projekt Mjølner, an unmistakable one-off powerhouse built from the ground up and named for Norse god Thor’s hammer. Based on the 930’s chassis, this 2 door coupe with just 29,000 on the odometer is in perfect show condition, and ready to take on any track or road you throw at it.


Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, D-Zug is the product of the passion for Porsche racing exhibited by two people. Justin Broughton and Pete Koch are the masterminds behind D-Zug, with the mission of taking the best of Porsche’s racing heritage and combining it to create immensely powerful cars reminiscent of, in their opinion, Porsche’s golden days. They’ve combined pieces from different Porsches in Projekt Mjølner and their other creations, and they take an incredibly large amount of pride on ensuring the quality of their builds, no matter what.


Of course, with a Porsche as unique as Projekt Mjølner, there’s no way around a lot of time at rallies and car shows. The body is impressive; in addition to the 930 chassis, it features Porsche motorsport 3.0 RSR front fenders, early 935/76 quarter panels and a Porsche 2.1 turbo RSR front bumper. But, most noticeable is the Porsche 935/76 rear wing that almost outsizes the rest of the vehicle.

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But a rear wing that size is absolutely necessary for keeping this beast on the ground once its engine opens up. The original 3.3-liter flat six engine has been increased to 3.5-liters and completely refitted with a score of new parts, including Garrett gt-30 turbochargers. All of this is mated to a rebuilt Porsche 930 four-speed gearbox with a D-Zug 935 shifter, making it capable of creating 607 rwhp and 544 lb-ft.

Check out the gallery below to get a good look at this stunning one-off, and then visit the listing to learn more about the full details and price.

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