Two Rare Pagani Zondas for Sale

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The Pagani Zonda in itself is an incredibly rare car, is even more rarely spotted, and extremely rarely found for sale. But, we’re the duPont REGISTRY. Not only did we find a pair of Pagani Zondas for sale at Carugati Automobiles, but each of these Zondas is unique and exquisite in its own right.

Pagani Zonda S7.3 "F Prototype" (Source: Sellerie'Cimes)
Pagani Zonda S7.3 “F Prototype” (Source: Sellerie’Cimes)

First up is the Pagani Zonda S7.3 “F Prototype.” This car was first unveiled at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show and was eventually delivered by Carugati Automobiles to its owner. By 2006, the owner had modified this car as a Zonda F Prototype by adding a racing kit, Inconel mufflers, a titanium sport exhaust, a Zonda F ECU, a reinforced gearbox, front and rear Naca air intakes and an “F” rear diffuser. In 2008, the “F Prototype” returned back to Carugati Automobiles, where it is now for sale with only 11,246 miles.

Pagana Zonda Tricolore (Source:
Pagana Zonda Tricolore (Source:

The second Zonda for sale is the first Pagani Zonda Tricolore ever built, and is also available at Carugati Automobiles. Only three Tricolores were ever created and they celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the “Frecce Tricolore,” the aerobatic display team for the Italian Air Force. Each of these Zondas was built with a two-tone body consisting of carbon and blue carbon fiber. They also featured Tricolore stripes, gold wheels, a cream/blue interior, the Zonda Cinque aerodynamic kit and a special fin on the engine cover.  With only 1,678 miles on the odometer, this Zonda is in near-mint condition.

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