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Two Pagani Huayra Prototypes Spotted

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Our friends at had the chance to visit the “Motor & Sapori” event, which was held in Modena, Italy, from March 14-16. Below is an article courtesy of the website, detailing the event and the two rare Pagani Huayra prototypes that were present.

The event “Motori & Sapori” is an unmissable appointment for petrolheads which takes place every year in March along the streets of Castelfranco Emilia (Modena). It is a vintage motorcycle rally with exhibitions, national Vespa rally, Fiat 500 rally and a rally of all supercars built between Modena and Bologna (Ferrari, Lamborghini, De Tomaso, Pagani, Maserati). The whole is mixed with banquets which offer local products like the legendary balsamic vinegar, the Lambrusco wine and many others. Pagani has taken part in this event since the beginning and, of course, every year I’m there.
This latest event was much more crowded than in previous years, both with supercars and people. This time, Pagani Automobili took part with two cars: the well known Huayra PT5 and the just refurbished Huayra PT3.
It was the first time the Prototype 3 was showcased to the public. This car is the third Prototype used for the C9 project development, and for the electronic components made by BOSH.
It is one of the Huayras driven by the Pagani Official Tester during the various tests in South Africa and around the world. Originally the car was matte black with silver brake calipers, matte gold wheels and a lot of tape used for the camouflage. Now the car has been restored according to Davide Testi’s tastes.
The green vinyl was made by Car Wrapping Milano, the brake calipers have been painted in green and the cockpit has been restored a bit; for example, now it features normal leather seats.
The main protagonist of the event was the Huayra Prototype 5, which was driven by Davide Testi. During the morning all the supercars at the show took part in a timed race on an improvised circuit in the industrial area of Castelfranco Emilia, where Davide has performed spectacular drifts and launch control. In the afternoon, the Prototype 5 was exposed at the Modena Track for a sport event together with other supercars.
This car is the fifth Prototype used for the C9 Project development, even if it was never involved in as high of testing as the other prototypes. This car was utilized as a factory show car. It was used for the Huayra launch at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, at the private Huayra presentation, press releases and many other events. Now it’s regularly registered in Italy and it’s kept by the factory as a show car.
During the years it received some upgrades, such as the Track Pack, and phenomenal livery, like the Mille Miglia livery, the Goodwood livery and the Gold livery. Now it features a new matte grey vinyl made by Car Wrapping Milano.