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Pagani Engines Revving Loud in Monaco Tunnel

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Sometimes, it’s quite nice to just sit back and listen to one of the greatest sounds in the world as it echoes off of the walls of a beautiful Italian tunnel. Thanks to Monaco-based car spotter Melanie Meder, that’s precisely what’s in store for you in the video above.

A veritable expert spotter of Paganis, Melanie shared this April 26 YouTube video on her Facebook page the same day, with a picture showing the enviably unique quad exhaust of four Zondas sitting in a row. The video’s caption tells us it was taken during June 2014 at the annual Vanishing Point Pagani gathering in San Cesario sul Panaro, Italy, right outside of the marque’s manufacturing headquarters.


The video is taken from the passenger seat of a Zonda, with another few Pagani cars just ahead. It’s not the first time Meder has enjoyed the view from a Zonda; she described her ride in a Zonda Tricolore 1/3, which she photographed in front of the iconic Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco, in her Nov. 7, 2014 Photographer’s Perspective article.

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Turn your volume all the way up and give the video above a watch, and be sure to visit Melanie Meder Photography’s Facebook page here:

(Source: YouTube, Facebook)

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