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“L’Ultimo” Pagani Huayra Project

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All Paganis are tailor made to reflect client’s visions. Brett David, CEO of Prestige Imports, wanted to go beyond this and create a bespoke project drawing inspiration from Lewis Hamilton’s Formula one car.

While Mercedes-AMG isn’t totally abandoning production of their twelve-cylinder designs, the time has come to revise the V12 to keep up with emissions and fuel economy laws. The Pagani V12 might sound and perform like other Mercedes-AMG designs, but the block, heads, and almost every component are built to Horacio’s and his team demanding tolerances.

Prestige Imports: Hypercar and Supercar Heaven

“L’Ultimo” Huayra is heading to Pagani’s Miami dealership. It’s a collaboration between Brett David and Pagani Automobili Spa and an example of Pagani’s technology that allows clients to render their car in a virtual realm. Pagani Miami’s Showroom has a live 3D connection with the factory in San Cesario. It took Brett and Horacio quite a while to work out the details, and its location on Biscayne Blvd will blow your mind.

“L’Ultimo” will arrive in June. It will wear the livery of Lewis Hamilton’s F1 car, which is also a testament to AMG’s racing dominance. Are eight months to build one car too long? If you have ever seen a Pagani in person, you will understand that perfection can’t be rushed. Attention to detail can be found in every titanium bolt being marked after final torque was applied.

The Pagani Huayra Project Vulcan: Created by Dedication

It can be seen in the symmetrical carbon fiber body. Typical carbon fiber wouldn’t cut it, so Pagani patented a way to weave titanium into the material used for the monocoque.

Prestige Imports has been a fixture in our magazine since day one. Brett’s father Irv David took a gamble on our new car magazine in 1985, and now his son has transformed the famous company into an empire.

Stay with us for production updates and all your Pagani news and tell us what you think will power the next Pagani in the comments below.

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