Huayra Pagani

First Pagani Huayra ever delivered to a customer in the USA

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Los Angles Exotic and Luxury Car Dealer Group, The Auto Galleryannounced on Instagram on May 6 that their flagship Pagani Los Angles Dealership has received the Pagani Huayra ever delivered to a customer in the USA. Check out the video below to get a better look at the car. 

From the 2014 Exotic Car Buyer’s Guide:

Starting life in 1999, the original Zonda is still identifiable in the new Revolucion; you just have to look past all the spoilers, splitters, juts and protrusions. For its second model, Pagani recreated the smooth form of the past in a new modern design without losing any of the aerodynamic efficiency. The Huayra modifies the angles of four aileron-like flaps at the front and rear and alters the car’s ride height to better utilize the air passing over. It does this in a variety of driving conditions by accessing information from the anti-lock braking system and engine-control unit on the car’s speed, yaw rate, lateral acceleration, steering angle and throttle position. This allows it to do such things as increase front drag during hard braking or reducing it when slicing through the wind on its way to tremendous speeds. Those speeds are due in no small part to the AMG-derived, twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V-12, a quick-shifting sequential gearbox, a full assortment of ducts and radiators for cooling, light carbonfiber bodywork and feeding the powertrain.